last updated 2020.sep.12

My Media server is located at https://media.dqq.co .
If I just made you an account, you can change your password by clicking the Person icon in the upper right hand corner and change it to your own.

If you need to get a hold of me regarding the server, just text me. If you don't have my number, click here to join my Discord

Apps (Optional)

You can use any HTML5 Browser to access the instance, no apps are required, however, these downloads are available for your devices:
Android || iOS
Roku || Amazon FireTV || Android TV || Apple TV
Kodi Plugin || Xbox One || Windows Desktop

App -> Add Server -> Host is https://media.dqq.co -> Connect

If you want to do watch parties

You can use this plug-in if you have Google Chrome.

Customizing your Home Page

The default home page is kind of garbage, click the Person icon on the top right corner -> Home. You can change the layouts. Feel free to explore all other settings.
For Anime watchers, you might want to change the default subtitle behavior.

Multiple Formats

if you see multiple results for the same search, let me know please
Some titles have multiple formats in the drop down menu, e.g. Extended Edition, Unrated, 4K, HDR, etc, you can pick those in the content's title page before you start streaming. Multiple audio/subtitle tracks are also available for certain titles for multilingual viewers.

All Anime

My Anime collection is a mix of English/Japanese content. For the sake of having English metadata, the titles are all in English, so you might have to look up the English title of a show you're looking for instead of the Hepburn Romanticized names (e.g. "Your Name" instead of "Kimi no Na wa"). You can also search via the Japanese characters (e.g. 君の名は。).
If you're looking for Japanese audio tracks that I'm missing, let me know.

Anime Series

Anime is a Japanese Medium, and U.S. Metadata databases are primarily based on North American DVD release metadata, sometimes there's mismatches with TV/Japan air orders. If a series is missing a few episdoes mid season, check the "Specials" section under each Anime Series title.


My library is mainly for English speaking/reading audiences. The 中文 section is for Chinese media that does not contain English subtitles or audio tracks. Non-English media in the main movie/tv libraries always includes English subtitle or audio tracks.

Content Request / Opt Out

Text/discord me if you want:

  • Making a family safe account for your kids.
  • If you would like a higher resolution version of a title

Short term to-do:

  • TV Shows Formatting (currently A-G)

Long term to-do (nerd stuff):

  • Re-encode non-HTML5 compatible to compatible formats (rip electric bill)
  • Use JF to generate .NFOs to populate a shared Streama library (oof)
  • Switching to a Linux server, currently stuck on driver issues.

Known Bugs

Picture in Picture doesn't seem to work very smoothly
Transcoding performance (driver issues?)